About Us

Shahclan HijamaHerbs is a family based natural healing practice run by Amin Shah and his wife Nusrat.

Our goal is to heal our clients from their ailment, be it physical pain, mental/emotional or sihr/jinn ailments. We believe in the words of the Prophet (saws) who said, “For every disease that Allah created, He also created its cure.”

So we work very hard in seeking out the right remedy for your condition, and want to see you completely healed from any pain or health condition you may be suffering from.

Amin Shah is a multi disciplinary healer who has learnt (and still learning) many different natural healing modalities. These includes hijama, herbal remedies, mental healing, emotional healing and energetic healing.

He comes from a family of medical doctors in Malaysia. However, he choose the path of natural healing and has stayed true to this path, instead of the medical path of drugs and surgery.

He holds a Bachelors degree in Marketing and also an MBA from New Hampshire College. He is a lifelong learner of natural healing modalities and reads voraciously on the latest natural healing findings.

Nusrat Shah comes from the dental background. She studied at Boston University at the dental faculty for 2 years, and completed her dental qualifications in California.

Shahclan HijamaHerbs is now in its 11th year of service. Its a great privilege to be able to heal people from their ailments and bring them back to good health. Truly all healing is from Allah, and we are merely the instruments He uses to heal the people.

Contact us for any health concerns you have:

Amin Shah
Boston, MA – USA
Phone 617-787-5151
Email: aminshah@shahclan.net