Why All the Pain May Not Go After One Session?

Sometimes, I find that for some of our clients, all the pain may not go after one session of HijamaHerbs. Case in point: A man came to me for lower back and sciatic nerve pain. In the health assessment, I found blockages throughout the lower back, both legs and also the upper back shoulders. He chose the Lower Back/Legs treatment, and so I performed the HijamaHerbs protocol for those regions.

After a couple of weeks, when I asked him about the condition of his lower back and legs, he said the pain has reduced but there is still some pain remaining in the toes. I invited him for a FREE adjustment session. There are several reasons why the pain may not go after one session of HijamaHerbs.

Though the pain intensity will be much reduced after the first session of HijamaHerbs, sometimes all the pain may not leave. There may be some pain remaining in the tissues. This can happen for a number of reasons. One, there may be more blockages in the body part that needs to be cleared. Second, new blockages may have come on. This can happen to habitually sitting in the wrong posture – for those with sitting jobs for long hours. Thirdly, there may be emotional blockages in the tissues that cause the tissues to redevelop physical blockages. HijamaHerbs is now offering a FREE adjustment session after 2 weeks if you are still feeling pain. It is also a good idea to have HijamaHerbs sessions scheduled regularly once every 3 months to clear out any blockages that can arise and cause pain in the body.

Reasons Why Pain May Still Exist After First Session

The first reason for pain to still remain after the first session of HijamaHerbs is that there may be more blockages in the tissues that need to be released. I have seen many cases whereby there are so many blockages on the body of the person, and that just one session would not be able to fully resolve the problem. However, after each session, you will feel the intensity of the pain getting less and less.

That’s why we always tell our clients to look at healing as a journey with multiple steps. That would be a more realistic way of looking at your healing. On the other hand, if you are looking for a full cure in just one session, that would be unrealistic and it may lead to disappointment.

The second reason is that the client needs to avoid the things that brought about the pain in the first place. For instance, cab drivers who are in a sitting position for long hours may end up with lower back pain. After the HijamaHerbs session, they need to make some changes to their life so the lower back is able to heal and recover. After every couple of hours driving, they need to take a break, stand up and walk around a bit. This takes the pressure of the lower back and gives a chance for the blood flow to circulate in the lower back and legs.

If you have a sitting job for long hours, such as cab drivers or work on computers, it is highly likely that you may get lower back pain sometime down the line. If you got done a HijamaHerbs session for Lower Back/Legs and the pain reduced, but you went back to the same routine of sitting for long hours, the pain may come back. A better way is to make some changes such as taking a break after a couple of hours driving to stretch your muscles and walk around a bit.

The third reason for all pain not to leave after a HijamaHerbs session is that they may be emotional blockages. The emotional aspect plays a huge role on physical pain. For people with lower back pain, the emotional block is the person have a deep sense of feeling not supported in life. This also includes moral and financial support. So, if the person feels they lack the support they need in their life, and they are worried about their finances (income), these emotional blockages can lead to having lower back pain.

The key is to work on the emotional blocks and clear it. HijamaHerbs practitioners provide services to clear the physical blockages and also to clear the emotional blockages.

Shahclan HijamaHerbs methodology is that almost all ailments arise due to blockages. The blockages can be at the physical, emotional and sihr/jinn level. HijamaHerbs practitioners are skilled in finding where the blockages are located. When the blockages are correctly identified, then HijamaHerbs sessions are performed to clear the blockages and pull out the dirty blood. Herbs are provided to help rejuvenate the internal organs. The HijamaHerbs sessions for men is performed by Amin Shah, and for ladies is performed by Nusrat Shah. For more info, visit www.shahclanhijamaherbs.com

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