Cleanse Your Blood for Ramadan

There has been an uptick of people calling us to schedule a HijamaHerbs session for the past several weeks. Our schedule is quite filled up to the first week of May. Ramadan, the blessed month of fasting is expected to start in early May. Alhamdullillah, more and more people are becoming aware of the importance of cleansing their blood and keeping it free flowing like a river, and not letting it become thick and slow moving like a swamp.

Recent scientific findings have shown that most fatal cardiovascular events are due to blood clots, not fat sludge. A new study from Edinburgh University in the UK has shown conclusively that blood viscosity is crucial. It is not the quality of artery walls that matters; it’s the quality of the blood itself. Its important to have its thin, free flowing blood.

If your blood is thick and slow moving like a swamp, it won’t carry as much oxygen and nutrients to your cells. Low oxygen levels in the tissues are is a major risk factor for creating cancer. Oxygen protects us against cancer. Cleansing the blood is also protection against many other diseases.

Cleansing the blood not only allows the delivery of good nutrients to your tissues, it also enables the removal of toxins. If you can’t feed and cleanse your tissues efficiently, its only a matter of time before diseases invade your body. It will also make you age faster.

Suppose you are battling cancer or any other chronic diseases such as diabetes, arthritis or cardiovascular ailments, and you are taking vitamins and antioxidants. However, if these nutrients are not being delivered to your cells properly due to thick dirty blood, you are not able to get the benefits from your supplements.

Since the blood is the delivery system to your cells, when the blood is thick and dirty, the delivery system has broken down and its unable to deliver oxygen and nutrients. When cells are not able to get the nutrients they need, internal organs will soon also malfunction. This leads to weakness of internal organs such as heart, liver, kidney, etc.

So its very important to work on the delivery system, which is your blood. You need to monitor your blood viscosity and ensure its thin and running like a river. Whenever you feel your blood is thicker than normal, you need to cleanse you blood and bring it back to being thin and healthy again. Keeping your blood thin means there will not likely be any heart attacks, strokes and no clots in the limbs.

The picture on the left is a blood sample is very typical of what we see in a regular person’s blood these days. It’s all strung together in clumpy ropes. They don’t take up oxygen so efficiently and they squeeze and inhibit the function of immune cells. The picture on the right is after a blood cleansing session. Notice the cells are separated from one another. They don’t stick and the cells don’t clump together. Instead of thick blood, the blood is able to flow like a river. They can take up oxygen effectively. This drastically reduces the threat of a stroke or heart attack.

These days, most people have blood that is all strung together in clumpy ropes called rouleaux (a French origin word). The red cells are electro-statically stuck together.

These ropes thicken the blood (clumps won’t flow through capillaries well), they don’t take up oxygen so efficiently and they squeeze and inhibit the function of immune cells. Those are there as part of the immune system. So it is bad news all round. We do not want rouleaux formation.

By doing a HijamaHerbs session and cleansing the blood, the rouleaux effect is eliminated. The cells are separated from one another, they don’t stick, don’t clump and so viscosity is low, as it should be. Instead of thick dirty blood, threatening a stroke of heart attack at any moment, the risk is dramatically less. By doing HijamaHerbs sessions on a regular basis (2-3 months apart), you can keep your blood flowing like a river consistently.

Cleansing your blood will also lead to much clearer thinking and less chance of dementia, because of increased cerebral blood flow. You’ll also notice an improvement in your memory and recall capability. Also less fatigue and more energy and a sense of well being.

Most people who have undergone a HijamaHerbs session report more energy and less fatigue. Brain functioning is also improved, with much clearer thinking. Also improvement in memory and recall. And a general feeling of well being.

HijamaHerbs methodology is that almost all ailments arise due to blockages. The blockages can be at the physical, emotional and sihr/jinn level. HijamaHerbs practitioners are skilled in finding where the blockages are located. When the blockages are correctly identified, then Hijama is performed to clear the blockages and dirty blood is pulled out. Herbs are provided to help rejuvenate the internal organs.

Emotional blockages can cause emotional problems in a person’s life. Also, blockages that started on the emotional level can come down to the physical body and cause physical pain. Emotional blockages must be identified and cleared. This is achieved by emotional counseling sessions. Blockages on the sihr/jinn level also need to be identified and cleared. Ailment at this level requires recitation of Quranic verses and HijamaHerbs Full Body session plus Quranic water to drink, bath and spray around the home. Additionally, Senna Flush herbal blend need to taken to dislodge the magic portion from the lower belly of the afflicted person.

HijamaHerbs sessions for ladies is performed by Nusrat Shah. For children, we normally do not perform hijama, however herbs, homeopathic remedies and emotional healing is performed. Also available, emotional healing, counseling for married couples, counseling for young adults seeking their true career path.

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Amin Shah at 617-787-5151 or email – We are based in Boston, MA – USA. i

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