Deenspiration – Inspirational Islamic Words of Wisdom

Shahclan, after 10 years of providing the HijamaHerbs natural healing services to the community, is now launching a new line of beneficial gift products. These products are inspirational Islamic words of wisdom imprinted on a variety of items. As of now, we are starting Deenspiration with 12 designs on mugs, some pertaining to the “Names of Allah” and others to what “The Prophet said”. Soon after we shall be imprinting these inspirational Islamic words of wisdoms on canvas wall art, pillowcases and sweatshirts. Most designs in the Deenspiration product line include some form of Arabic calligraphy.

These items make beneficial gifts to friends and family. The usual gift items such as chocolates or jewelry, diminish in value as time goes by.  On the other hand, Deenspiration items are gifts that your loved ones will be happy to receive, keep and cherish. For masjids, Islamic schools and Islamic non-profit social organizations, the Deenspiration items make excellent fundraising products, that can be given to the donors as a gift for their donation. We can also imprint the name of your masjid or Islamic organization on these items.  

Shahclan is launching its line of Deenspiration mugs. On the left is the Ar-Rahman mug from the Names of Allah category, and on the right is the Divine Decree (Qadar) mug from “The Prophet said” category. All mugs have a front and back design or wordings. For example, on the front of the Divine Decree mug, it says “you will not attain the reality of true faith, until you believe, what hit you would not have missed you, and what missed you, would not have hit you”. On the back of this mug, there is an explanation about this Prophetic statement. Most designs in the Deenspiration product line include some form of Arabic calligraphy.

To visit the Deenspiration site, and see other mugs imprinted with Islamic inspirational words of wisdom, click here:
Shahclan Deenspiration 

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