Effect of Hijama on Stroke Patients

Wet cupping (Hijama) has been shown to have useful effects on the cardiac rhythm in terms of heart rate variability (HRV). Put it in layman’s words, Hijama is beneficial to stroke victims. The first study was first done on animals, and the second study was done on human stroke patients

Here’s the results of the first study. “A recent animal study investigated the effects of wet cupping on hemodynamic variables, cardiac arrhythmias, and infarct size after myocardial ischemic reperfusion injury in male rats. Its results show that cupping did not change baseline heart rate or mean arterial blood pressure. Ischemic reperfusion injury caused an infarct size of 50%, whereas repeated wet cupping significantly reduced infarct size to 28%, 35%, and 22% of the area at risk, respectively. The rate of ischemia-induced arrhythmias was significantly modified by wet cupping.

The second study done on humans. “It showed how the administration of cupping caused noticeable improvement in the heart rhythm of humans who’d suffered strokes. In this study, cupping therapy restored sympathovagal imbalances by stimulating the peripheral nervous system. Results showed all HRV parameters increased after cupping therapy compared with before cupping therapy in healthy persons, which indicates for the first time in humans that cupping might be cardioprotective.”

Outward signs of a person with stroke is drooping mouth, talk is incoherent and one arm becomes weak or numb. If you see anyone with these signs, call 911 right away for the ambulance to take them to the hospital. At this time, you need the medical doctors. Don’t wait for a natural healer, herbalist or Hijama practitioner. Emergency cases like these need medical attention and the medical doctors are the right people to handle  acute ailments like these. After the medical treatment, then you can try natural healing later on. A HijamaHerbs practitioner may be able help improve your condition, insha-Allah.

The wet cupping recommended by the Prophet (sallahu alaihi wasalam) is called Hijama. It is somewhat different than other traditional types of cupping. In Hijama, a vacuum is first created by placing cups on chosen spots on the skin. This allows toxins to accumulate under the skin in the vacuumed area. Then minor cuts are performed on the skin and cups are placed to draw out the dirty blood from the body. Hijama not only cleans the blood, but it also stimulates the nerves which have become numb for stroke patients.

In Hijama, the vacuum power of cupping helps form a kind of fluid barrier between the cells gathering under the skin before a cut is made. This means that the cut is made in the upper layer of the skin into the fluid underneath, preventing any damage to capillaries.

The Prophet (sallahu alaihi wasalam) recommends to have Hijama twice a year even if one does not feel ill. When a person has some health condition, then more frequent Hijama sessions are recommended. For stroke patients, Hijama is recommended to be done once every month. For people with arthritis or diabetes, Hijama is recommended to be done once every 2 months. For cancer patients, Hijama is recommended to be done every 2 weeks. A HijamaHerbs practitioner would be able to tell you how many times a year should you do Hijama based on your particular health condition.

According to Tibb philosophy, Stroke is classified as a condition resulting from a Cold and Dry imbalance. The excess of cold and dryness is what leads to inadequate blood supply to the brain in 85% of patients. Ultimately this may cause a clot formation in the blood vessels that feed the brain. Although stroke is a disease of the brain, it can affect the entire body. A common disability that results from stroke is paralysis to one side of the body. HijamaHerbs sessions can improve the condition. In addition, we also recommend taking MalaysianMushrooms to help with this condition.

Some people think donating blood has the same benefits as doing Hijama. Giving blood is both useful and can help save lives. However, it is not the same as Hijama. In Hijama, dirty blood consisting of toxins and poisons are removed from your bloodstream thus cleansing your body. In donating blood, good blood is removed from you to help another person in need of blood.

Shahclan HijamaHerbs methodology is that almost all ailments arise due to blockages. The blockages can be at the physical, emotional and sihr/jinn level. HijamaHerbs practitioners are skilled in finding where the blockages are located. When the blockages are correctly identified, then HijamaHerbs sessions are performed to clear the blockages and pull out the dirty blood. Herbs are provided to help rejuvenate the internal organs. The HijamaHerbs sessions for men is performed by Amin Shah, and for ladies is performed by Nusrat Shah. For more info, visit www.shahclanhijamaherbs.com

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