The 5 Energetic Blueprints – Which One Are You? (Part 2)

The benefit of knowing your energetic blueprint is that you can naturally flow into who you are meant to be. That makes walking your path easier. You will learn to appreciate your inborn talents and skills, and use them for accomplishing your mission in life. On the other hand, if you don’t know your energetic blueprint, you may get into a lifestyle or career that is contrary to your internal self. And you may find yourself constantly bumping your head against the wall, wondering why your life is not working or if there is something wrong with you. It also has a strong impact on your overall health.

Last week, I wrote about the characteristics of Mystic and Empath. This week, I shall continue on explaining the energetic blueprints of the Leader, Caretaker and Structural.

Nelson Mandela has the qualities of the Leader energetic blueprint. As a Leader, your core energetic qualities are truth, justice and integrity. Your gift to the world is to make a difference by putting yourself first and leading by example. Once awakened to your purpose, you will die for your cause and become the ultimate model for the rest of us to do the same. No matter what you do, you carry the leadership energy to be CEO of a business, household, sports team or any group you are in charge of. On the shadow side, you have a lack of trust of other people. Since you don’t trust others, you protect yourself strongly, never letting anyone get close enough to hurt you.

Leader Energetic Blueprint
As a person with the Leader energetic blueprint, you are endowed with an abundance of energy to carry out your mission. You exhibit strength and charisma from the moment you were born till the day you die. You are a born leader and don’t feel comfortable taking orders that go against your own sense of truth.

Your life purpose is to lead, you find a way to gain control and influence others. Whether in politics, businesses, sports or relationships, you find a way to take charge. Your desire to win is fierce and innate.

You excel in areas such as leadership, sales, bringing your dynamism into whatever you do. You have the energy to become a great athlete, actor, lawyer, law enforcement officer, politician or business executive. You can be a powerful leader/manager who can effectively take charge of large projects and many employees, and you delegate effectively.

On the shadow side, you have a lack of trust in others. Since you don’t trust others, you protect yourself by not letting anyone get close enough to hurt you. Because you fear betrayal, you go it alone in life and never let others into your world for long.

You can be a master manipulator, using your considerable charm to influence others. You are fearless in battle. You can self-righteously destroy opponents and have no remorse. You don’t take criticism well. Critics don’t bother you. You do not nurse memories of failures, you can keep pushing on until you achieve your goals. Your main concern is whether you achieve your desired goal.

Socially, you make friends fast but only stay in relationships that do not challenge your dominance. Your world is full of superficial friends, but with few truly close friends.

You may try to hide your power, but not letting it flow naturally can cause disease and mental disorders ranging from chronic pain to obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Caretaker Energetic Blueprint
As a person with the Caretaker energetic blueprint, you are a compassionate and nurturing person. You live in a win-win world, you treat your neighbor and yourself well. Your gift to the world is your friendship and love for family and friends. You are the glue that holds families and societies together.

You tend to do work that serves others, such as a social worker, nanny, massage therapist, counselor, business consultant or health attendant. The one job you are not cut out to be is to be your own boss. You have a hard time making tough choices for money. You work well as a team player, helping the team succeed.

You have a life purpose of being compassionate and caring, so your vows focus on supporting others, living selflessly in devotion and service, and being obedient to authority. You don’t generally focus on money or material security. You value relationship over material wealth.

On the shadow side, you become a people pleaser, constantly doing things for people, even when they don’t ask for it. You are capable of consistently putting your own needs aside in order to take care of the needs of others. In the process, you burn yourself out. This pattern of always putting others needs before your own makes you feel trapped and exhausted much of the time.

You have a difficult time saying no in any relationship. You tend to give more than you get in return. You measure your self-worth by how much you are doing for others and how much they appreciate what you do for them, leaving you exhausted, unappreciated and resentful.

You are unlike to come up with original ideas for your life until you find out what others need, only then do you know your own purpose. You tend to stuff anger and brood with resentment instead of expressing angry feelings.

Your core wounds may have stemmed from being rejected as a child when you didn’t comply with your parents demands. You may have been punished for any attempts of personal autonomy, and violation of your right to have your own opinion.

Structural Energetic Blueprint
As a person with the Structural energetic blueprint, you are highly driven, strongly self-disciplined and well-organized. You have strong work ethics. You push yourself to high levels of accomplishments. You can organize and run projects that oversees many people. You mostly likely got straight As in school and now are highly qualified in your field.

Thomas Edison was a person who had the energetic blueprint of Structural. He was highly disciplined and worked methodically on his scientific projects. One the shadow side, Structural person is a perfectionist. They do things on a mechanical manner. Very little emotions is expressed. They become rigid and machinelike, and others think of them as heartless.

On the shadow side, you base your worth on what you do. Its all about your work. To achieve more, you follow the rules rigidly toward more accomplishment but it doesn’t bring you real happiness or satisfaction because you cannot stop, you must always accomplish more. Highly self-critical, never feeling you have done enough.

Emotions are rarely expressed, you do not express rage and depression. Perfection is the only thing you will be happy with, you are left with disappointment in life even when life is going on well.

You see the world in black and white, right or wrong, good or bad. When you find a way of doing thing, you become stuck in doing it the same way again and again. You become rigid and machinelike, others think of heartless.

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