HijamaHerbs for Stiff, Pain in the Neck

Many people hold a lot of tension in their neck muscles. One man came to see me recently for his headaches. As usual,  I first started to look for blockages in the area of pain, namely his head. When I tracked the path of pain, I found most of his pain were actually stemming from the tension in the back of his neck.

When I pointed out to him that his neck muscles are very tight, he was surprised to hear that. He was completely unaware of any problems with his neck. The truth is this man has held so much tension in his neck, that he himself didn’t realize. It had become a habit for him that whenever he got some stressful stimuli, he would immediately clench his neck and hold the tension there. As he continually repeated this behavior, his neck became stiffer and stiffer, and more and more painful.

Are you holding a lot tension in your neck without realizing it? Repeatedly tightening your neck muscles can eventually whenever you feel threatened, eg when the boss calls your name, or when the teacher announces a surprise test, can make you tighten your neck muscles as a defense. This can eventually become a reflex action and the neck muscles can lock in, holding a lot of tension. This makes it painful to freely move your neck left or right fully. If not resolved properly, this can lead to TMJ and other complications.

Stress can lodge itself in our bodies, and can appear in many ways including headaches or tight muscles. When we experience anxiety,we’re putting our bodies through extensive, long-term stress.  Our bodies are in fight or flight mode which tenses up our muscles.

Neck pain is a common symptom caused by persistent stress, and many people have experienced neck pain as a result. The pain can center in our necks as stress. The main cause of neck pain is muscle tension. During periods of stress, our muscles can tense up. The more stress we experience, the more we may have pain and discomfort.

Many people who experience this symptom try to “crack” their necks or roll their necks in hopes that it will release the tension, stiffness, and soreness. But that may only give some relief temporarily.

A part of the stress response changes includes causing the body’s muscles to tighten in an attempt to protect the body from harm (tight muscles are more resilient to damage). This muscle tightening effect can affect any muscle or muscle group in the body, including the muscles in the neck and back of the head.

Many anxious and stressed people experience neck tension due to the stress that being anxious. Neck tension is a common indication of stress, including the stress being anxious causes.

If  you have neck stiffness or pain, a HIjamaHerbs session can help resolve it. We will find and identify the blockages in the neck region and then track the path of pain. Usually, the path may radiate down to the upper shoulders and back. Sometimes, the path may extend to the heart area. This can indicate emotional blockages of heartbreak or loss of a loved one. We shall resolve both the physical and emotional blockages of the neck region.

Neck Pain Due To Emotional Causes

Neck stiffness is often connected to energy blockages in our throat (also known as throat chakra according to Ayurvedic). This may be due to your inability to speak your truth, or difficulty in communicating clearly or being your authentic self around others.

Fear and anxiety are also frequently stored in this area, particularly as a physical response to danger (as the neck is a vulnerable area) or strange environments. Neck muscle tension is also related to trust issues.

The path of pain of neck tension usually goes to the upper back. From an emotional perspective, this can indicate grief, sorrow, and sadness. Unexpressed and unreleased sadness tends to build up within the upper back region.

As this area is close to the heart, it is also where emotions connected to heartbreak and loss are stored. For instance, if you carry around grief regarding a loved one or your family at large, you will likely feel tense in this area.

HijamaHerbs treatments are based on finding blockages in the physical body, mental/emotional and the spiritual side (in case of sihr/jinn afflictions). When the blockages are correctly identified, then Hijama is performed to clear the blockages, and herbs are taken to rejuvenate the internal organs. To clear emotional blockages, Rahmah emotional clearing procedures are utilized.

HijamaHerbs sessions for ladies is performed by Nusrat Shah. For children, we normally do not perform hijama, however herbs, homeopathic remedies and emotional healing is performed. Also available, emotional healing, counseling for married couples, counseling for young adults seeking their true career path.

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Amin Shah at 617-787-5151 or email – aminshah@shahclan.net. We are based in Boston, MA – USA.

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