The Jinn That Locked His Jaw

Yesterday, I had a man who came to see me about his locked jaw. He complained to me, “The jinn is locking my jaw and throat, making me unable to speak clearly what I want to say. It is particularly distressing to me in salat, when I’m trying to recite the holy words, but this jinn holds my jaw and I’m unable to say the words correctly. It even plays with my mind and makes me say the wrong words.”

I pressed on the points on his jaw, cheekbones and back of neck. Sure enough, the young man was gasping out in pain indicating blockages in that region. I proceeded to track the path of pain, and found it to run from the jaw, throat, back of neck, upper shoulders and running down to the chest and stomach area. In cases of sihr/jinn the path of pain becomes the path in which the jinn moves in the body through the bloodstream.

Jaw pain (also called TMJ) is pain that radiates from your jaw bone. This stiffness in the jaw can make it difficult to open your mouth, and it can cause sharp or shooting pain when chewing or biting down. Damage to the jaw joint or the muscles that control your jaw movement can be caused by several factors, including grinding your teeth at night, involuntarily clenching your jaw due to stress and anxiety or trauma to the jaw joint, such as getting hit in the face while playing sports. Jinn, from the effect of black magic can also play a role in clenching the jaws, making it difficult to speak properly and think clearly.

The man told me that he has been having this problem for many years. He said he was a very good student in school, getting A’s on all his subjects. Then something happened and this problem of locking up his jaw started happening and his ability to focus in his studies rapidly diminished. His grades went downhill and he was only able to graduate after putting in considerable time and effort in his studies.

Earlier on, I had performed rukyah followed by a Full Body HijamaHerbs session on him. At this time, I found the jinn the weakened quite a bit, but still there. These type of ailments usually takes some time to heal, and so I always advice people to look at it as a healing journey with multiple sessions and have patience in resolving this problem. The good thing is that with every session the disturbances from jinn will reduce, but you have to continue with the treatment until full recovery.

 This time, I performed the HijamaHerbs session focusing on his back, neck, upper shoulders, jaws, throat and chest. I also advised him to come for a HijamaHerbs session once every 2 months until the condition is fully resolved.

 The most common reason for someone doing sihr (black magic) on another person is jealousy. Sadly, most of the time, it is a family member and close relative who get jealous of another family member and go to the sorcerer to put a magic spell.

The tools of trade of the sorcerer. Here the sorcerer has written instructions of what the jinn needs to do to the victim. Sometimes to cover themselves, they would also write the names of Allah or the prophet randomly to give the image that they are righteous people. However, the bulk of the writings will be invocations to shaitan and jinn to get them to do their bidding. Please note sihr is clear shirk, and the person who indulges in it will not get pardoned by Allah (and Allah knows best).

The sorcerer makes the magic spell and gives it to the person who came to him, instructing him (or her) to put the spell in the victim’s food, drink or clothes. When this is done, the jinn who is appointed, comes on the victim and carries out his tasks that he was assigned to. 

The jinn has the ability to cause pain on a physical level. If the magic spell calls for the victim to have pain in parts of his body, it is the jinn who gets into the body and bring about the health problem. For instance, if the magic spell calls for frequent headaches for the victim, the jinn will travel to the brain via the bloodstream and squeeze on victim’s brain, giving him painful headaches. In cases where the women have heavy menstrual bleeding, the jinn goes to her ovaries and jumps on it to cause pain and excessive bleeding, making the woman unable to conceive a child.

One strong indicator that someone has eaten the magic spell is that he (or she) would feel an uncomfortable tightness in their lower belly. This is due to the magic portion when eaten goes down to the intestines and gets stuck there. And this stickiness is so strong and it cannot be dislodged by drinking lots of water or juices. Its sticks like crazy glue.

Fortunately, the Prophet has adviced us to eat Senna as these leaves have the ability to purge the lower belly, and removing the magic spell, Alhamdullillah.

For all clients who have been affected by sihr/jinn, we always provide them with the herbal remedy called “HijamaHerbs Senna Flush” in order to dislodge the magic portion from their lower belly. Senna Flush also works well as a natural laxative to resolve constipation issues.

Senna is regarded as one of the most beneficial laxative medicines narrated from the Prophet (saws). If the substance used for witchcraft is still inside the body, attempts must be made to get rid of it, either by vomiting, if possible. If the person cannot do that, he should be given senna. Many of those who were afflicted with witchcraft have tried it and it has been of great benefit by Allah’s will. Senna is regarded as a gentle stool softener and is not harmful. It works directly on the colon. It is an effective laxative and is a good medicine with no side effects, well balanced and dry. HijamaHerbs Senna Flush is our herbal remedy whose main ingredients is senna leaves. It is provided to all clients who have been affected by sihr/jinn ailments.For more information or to schedule an HijamaHerbs appointment for healing physical, emotional or sihr/jinn ailments, contact Amin Shah at 617-787-5151 or email –

HijamaHerbs sessions are also available for ladies. It is performed by Nusrat Shah. For children, we normally do not perform hijama, however herbs, homeopathic remedies and emotional healing is performed.

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