Obsessive Thoughts About A Person

Last week, a man came to HijamaHerbs complaining about having obsessive and recurrent thoughts running through his head all the time. Understandably, the man was going through a difficult time with his spouse. However, the thoughts about his spouse keep coming up in his mind like a broken record that keeps running and running. He said, “I can’t seem to shut off these thoughts about her, and its really stressing me out.”

Obsessive thought patterns can quickly take over our lives and before we realize it, we’re victims to the demands of such thought patterns. These can include obsessive thoughts about why the other person has broken up with them, obsessive thoughts of a person they love will one day break up with them, obsessive thoughts about what they had done wrong in the relationship, obsessive thought about the other person’s past, etc.

Obsessive thoughts about another person have a definite effect on your body. It can cause very real physical symptoms such as dizziness, stomachaches, rapid heartbeat, tingling in the hands and feet, muscle tension, jitteriness, chest pressure, and the list goes on. If this type of thinking continues on, it can lead to more serious health conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), cardiovascular disease, digestive disorders, and infection. HijamaHerbs has a solution to resolve these obsessive thoughts.

Detrimental Effects of Obsessive Thoughts
People with obsessive thoughts experience a number of detrimental effects due to their condition. When you keep having obsessive thoughts about the other person, you may begin to think you’re crazy if you don’t understand the condition. Turning to someone who can provide treatment for these problems can help resolve your condition and get your brain working more normally.

You may begin to isolate yourself from family and friend because you think you are failure. Because your marriage fell apart, you feel people around you will look at you lowly so you avoid meeting people. You end up staying at home alone most of the time.

The longer you suffer with the effects of obsessive thinking without help, the more you’ll feel powerless and out of control. Feeling this way leads to depression and a degraded self- esteem.

It’s common for the person suffering from obsessive thinking to experience anger. They feel helpless when these thoughts come up, and they are not able to shut it off. They feel immense anger as why this is happening to them.

Attending halakahs and social events at your local masjid is a good way to keep your mind occupied with beneficial knowledge rather than having obsessive thoughts running in your mind. The added benefit is that you gain closeness to Allah, and help practice more of the amals of the deen. 

Things You Can Do To Overcome Obsessive Thoughts
1. Pulling yourself to present time
Obsessive thinking means you are dwelling in the past. If each time you begin to think about the person and you do nothing to stop those thought patterns, it will just continue on and bring you down. Instead,  when you catch yourself thinking about that person, stop the thought. Recognize that you’re engaging in an obsessive thought process. When you recognize these obsessive thoughts coming up, you can then control them. Tell them to go away –either mentally or verbally. Be firm. Be sure of yourself. Tell the thoughts to leave you alone and immediately think about something else.

2. Be Patient
Kicking habits is hard. And obsessing over someone is a bad habit. While starting habits doesn’t take long, quitting them does. So, you will not just stop overnight. You will have to be consistent and more importantly you will have to believe in yourself. But you must be realistic. And you must not be hard on yourself. You may slip up and find yourself daydreaming about the person. Bring yourself back and be patient. Good habits take time to create.

3. Do Healthy Things
Exercise combats so many illnesses, but it also works wonders for our mental health, too. Adding an exercise to our routines not only make our schedules feel different, but they make us feel better about ourselves and about life. You will also release stress and negativity through exercise. Also, start cooking healthy and eating clean. Learn new recipes, try a new cuisine. Good, healthy habits mean that we are taking care of ourselves, we are doing some solid self-care. And the more we self-care, the more we’ll realize that obsessing over someone is not a healthy habit and will soon drop it.

4. Find A New Hobby
New habits bring about new thought patterns. This is a good way to eliminate thinking about that person continuously. Think about a hobby you’ve always wanted to try. Painting, soccer, volleyball, baking, gardening -whatever the hobby is try it and enjoy it. While you’re learning that hobby, your brain will be too focused on the new skills it takes to complete it that you will not have a second to think about the person you were obsessing over. This is an excellent distraction that can make you a better person. Take that new hobby and really love it, embrace it, sleep with it. And little by little you won’t be sleeping with thoughts of your obsession anymore.

Taking up a new hobby and hanging out with friends is another way to fill your mind with other things rather than having the same thoughts of that person run through your head all day.

5. Make New Friends
A good way take your mind away from any obsession is to surround yourself with friends. Strengthen current relationships or renew old ones, it doesn’t matter. When you have friends around you, there is plenty of distraction. You have things to do, things to talk about, things to see. Attend some halakahs and social events at your local masjid. Your task is to make new connections that do not bring you that person’s memory. You do not want to make friends that remind you of that person. A fresh start on the friendship front is just what you need.

6. Consult with A Healer
While talking to friends and family can help relieve some tension, it’s not always the best solution for those who have a serious case of obsessive thoughts. With a healer you can talk about what causes you to think about that person, what is it about that person that is making you so obsessed, and how to change these thought patterns. You will learn about triggers and preventative measures, you will learn about mindfulness and re-direction. Choose a healer who can go to the root of the problem, not just deal with symptoms. And a healer who can resolve the mental, emotional and physical components of your obsessive thoughts.

HijamaHerbs can help with the issue of obsessive thoughts. For more information on HijamaHerbs or to set up an appointment, contact Amin Shah at 617-787-5151 or email – aminshah@shahclan.net.

We also provide HijamaHerbs natural healing sessions for healing physical, emotional or sihr/jinn ailments. Also available, counseling for married couples,

HijamaHerbs sessions for ladies is performed by Nusrat Shah. For children, we normally do not perform hijama, however herbs, homeopathic remedies and emotional healing is performed.  

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