Find the Reason Behind Your Ailment

Most people have no clue why they have their ailment such as diabetes, arthritis, heart attacks, cancer, etc. Even when you ask the doctor, they will only give you shallow answers like, “its all in your genes” or “you ate too much sugar” or “you didn’t exercise enough.”

Actually, your ailments showed up on you for a specific reason and they carry an important lesson for you. These reasons are mostly not physical but come from the mental/emotional side. For instance, if you have diabetes, the reason behind your ailment is a deep subconscious feeling of “life has lost its sweetness for me.” If you have a weak heart that led to a heart attack, it indicates that you carry a deep sense of “not feeling loved” and/or “feeling of overwhelm”. Its important to find the reason behind of your ailment so you can correct the problem on the mental/emotional level before it manifests itself on the physical level.

On the physical level, having a heart attack is due to having plaques on your arteries. But before that happens, there are things happening in your mental/emotional side long before it shows up on the physical side. When you carry a deep sense of not feeling loved and/or being overwhelmed with things to do, this leads to heart blockages resulting in heart attacks. When you know why you have a certain ailment, you can take steps to correct the situation on the mental/emotional level before it comes down to the physical level. HijamaHerbs practitioners can help you determine the reason behind your ailment, so get clarity of your condition and how to cure it.

For conditions concerning weakness of bones (skeletal system) such as osteoporosis and arthritis, the reason is self-devaluation. This means the person carries a deep sense of feeling that they are not good enough. For some reason, they feel their value as a person has diminished. For people with this condition, they need to reflect and figure out why this sort of feeling came upon them in the course of their life. They may have undergone a traumatic event or somebody of higher position such as a parent or authority figure may have said something that made them feel themselves of less worth, which they took as a fact.

The location of the pain in the bones, gives us more specific reasons.

Upper/Lower: Not being able to get, bite or hold. Unexpressed anger. Holding back.

Spinal column:
Deep personality traumas related to something that is very important for the person, e.g. “My life’s work has been destroyed…” ”Due to my disease, I can’t do anything and I’m not worth anything.”

Cervical Spine, Neck:
Not feeling free. Moral self-devaluation due to moral injury, infringement of human ethics for example: humiliation, injustice, oppression

Not being a good mother or partner. Feeling too much weight on shoulders.

Cannot embrace, hold on, throw out, kick away, defend or attack. Not satisfied ambitions.

The skeletal system in general related to self-worth and strength. The bones are about self-worth and stability. The cartilage is about self-worth concerning connection. The ligaments are about self-worth concerning guidance. The tendons are about self-worth concerning performance. The muscles are also about self-worth concerning performance. Fatty tissue is about self-worth concerning protection.

Cannot hold onto something you wish or someone. Overstraining of arm. Unsatisfied ambitions.

Lumbar spine:
Central Personality Devaluation. Not being able to cope with pressure. Not being able to define self. Not following one’s passion.

Pelvic and Pubic bone:
Sexual self-devaluation because of infertility, premature ejaculation or other sexual stress triggers.

Not moving forth in life.

Not being flexible enough. Not satisfied ambitions.

Want to Know the Reason Behind Your Ailment?

If you are suffering from any chronic ailments, and are curious to find out why you have that ailment, come in for a HijamaHerbs consultation. We will perform a health evaluation on your condition, and tell you the mental/emotional reason for the existence of your ailment. Its quite an eye-opener and it will give you clarity on how to work with your condition to resolve it.

You must come in person for this assessment. There is a $60 charge for this service, however it is credited towards the purchase or any products or services we offer.

Shahclan HijamaHerbs methodology is that almost all ailments arise due to blockages. The blockages can be at the physical, emotional and sihr/jinn level. HijamaHerbs practitioners are skilled in finding where the blockages are located. When the blockages are correctly identified, then HijamaHerbs sessions are performed to clear the blockages and pull out the dirty blood. Herbs are provided to help rejuvenate the internal organs. The HijamaHerbs sessions for men is performed by Amin Shah, and for ladies is performed by Nusrat Shah. For more info, visit

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