Recovery from Chronic Ailments with FREE Health Coaching

If you are suffering from any form of chronic ailments, we’ve got some good news for you. Not only do we have the natural healing methodologies to get you well again, we can also guide and monitor your progress till the goal of full recovery is achieved. Best part is there is no extra charge for the health coaching which includes advice on food intake, physical movements and lifestyle. Also included in the coaching is the emotional and energetic evaluation. Your only payment is for HijamaHerbs treatments and MalaysianMushrooms supplements.

We can help you with recovery from your chronic ailments such as high blood pressures, cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, migraines, acid reflux, Crohn disease, , heart disease, alzheimers, parkinsons, glaucoma, thyroid issues, lower back pain, sciatica, gout, neck pain, asthma, anxiety, depression, eczema, psoriasis, kidney problems, sleeping problems, weight problems and even cancer. Recovery programs can last for 4 months to a year. You must be committed enough to your recovery that you come in for a monthly review and monitoring. If you feel you are not getting the benefits, you can drop out anytime you wish.

If you have been suffering with a chronic ailment for past few years, you owe it to yourself to recover from that ailment and move forward with your life. As the Prophet (saws) had said, “For every disease that Allah created, He also created its Cure.” If you had relied on the medical industry up to this point, taking their drugs and surgery but found no real relief yet, its time to give natural healing a chance. Now you can get our personal coaching for the recovery of your chronic ailment at no extra cost, other than costs of HijamaHerbs treatment and MalaysianMushrooms supplements.

If you have been recently diagnosed with a chronic ailment, the news can be frightening and disorienting. Once you move beyond the initial shock of your diagnosis, it’s helpful to learn how to cope with your new reality.

Having a chronic ailment can disrupt your life, and it can also bring up a wide range of emotions such as stress, grief, rage, fear, depression and anxiety.

Many people with these illnesses become depressed. In fact, depression is one of the most common complications of chronic illness. It’s estimated that up to one-third of people with a serious medical condition have symptoms of depression.

It’s not hard to see the cause and effect relationship between chronic illness and depression. Serious illness can cause tremendous life changes and limit your mobility and independence. A chronic illness can make it impossible to do the things you enjoy, and it can eat away at your self-confidence and a sense of hope in the future. No surprise, then, that people with chronic illness often feel despair and sadness. In some cases, the physical effects of the condition itself or the side effects of medication lead to depression, too.

A major frustration of taking medical drugs and undergoing surgery is that it’s a never ending drama. You have to keep on taking the drugs, and the doctors only seem to be increasing its dosage. So is it with the surgery. After one surgery, there’s another surgery and another. Its as if you have fallen into a slippery slide. Worst of all, you can never seem to get back to your good health like it was before the chronic ailment started.

Don’t’ let a chronic ailment make your life dull and unproductive, and don’t let it bring you down emotionally. There is no need to keep on taking medical drugs with terrible side effects and enduring one surgery after another with all kinds of complications. Although you have to listen to your doctor’s orders, you can also give natural healing a try. It is non-invasive, safe and may very well help you overcome your health hurdles and get on moving forward with your life.

The natural healing path may grant you a more practical solution where the focus is to get you back to your good health. However, you must be realistic in your expectations. You can’t be thinking this is going to be a cheap quick fix.

When you have a chronic ailment, its wise to take the long view and see the recovery process as a healing journey. It may require several sessions and you would need to stick with it until your condition improves.

However, the rewards of recovering from your chronic ailment though the natural path is well worth the time and effort spent.

HijamaHerbs methodology is that almost all ailments arise due to blockages. The blockages can be at the physical, emotional and sihr/jinn level. HijamaHerbs practitioners are skilled in finding where the blockages are located. When the blockages are correctly identified, then HijamaHerbs sessions are performed to clear the blockages and pull out the dirty blood. Herbs are provided to help rejuvenate the internal organs.

Malaysian Mushrooms play an important role in reversing chronic ailments by removing toxins on a cellular level and correcting imbalances in the body. These imbalances include nutritional, hormonal, immune system and acid/alkaline imbalances. When toxins are removed and imbalances are corrected, the body can heal itself.

HijamaHerbs sessions for ladies is performed by Nusrat Shah. For children, we normally do not perform hijama, however herbs, homeopathic remedies and emotional healing is performed. Also available, emotional healing, counseling for married couples, counseling for young adults seeking their true career path.

For more information or to set up an appointment, contact Amin Shah at 617-787-5151 or email – We are based in Boston, MA – USA.

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