Recurring Setbacks and How to Resolve Them

Blockages not only develop in the body giving rise to pain and ailments, they can also show up in one’s life. These life blockages appear in the form of recurring setbacks that happen again and again in one area of your life or in many areas of your life. These setbacks can include inability to progress in or school or college studies, failure to progress in job or career, failure in business, inability to find a spouse for marriage in spite of having many suitors, constant misunderstanding with family members leading to heated arguments, pregnancies ending up in miscarriages and inability to bring to full term, getting emotionally depressed and anxious most of the time, staying home and having fear of going out and meeting people, etc. 

When these setbacks keep recurring again and again in your life with no apparent reasons, they may be an indication of sihr/jinn affliction.

Case in point. A young woman in came to see me last week. She complained to me that her life seem to gone downhill in the past few years. She had a good job which she enjoyed and was paying well, but after a few months the boss suddenly changed his attitude and fired her. She mentioned over the course of a few years, she had one man after another who expressed interest in getting married to her, but after a few of months, the man lost interest in her and broke off the relationship. Then another man was interested in her, but he too lost interest and went away. Later a third man was interested but lost interest and broke off the relationship. This was very nerve wrecking to her as she a attractive young woman but unable to understand why this setback keeps recurring to her.

Life setbacks that keep recurring such as inability to keep a job, inability to focus on studies, inability to get married, inability to bear children, etc may indicate that you may be hit with a sihr/jinn affliction. Some people may not give any thought to this type of ailment, but the effects of sihr/jinn is mentioned in Quran, and thus it is a very real ailment. If you feel you may have this type of ailment, its always a good idea to get it evaluated. 

After listening to her explanation, I told her, “well, to be sure what kind of ailment you got, I have to do a spiritual evaluation. I will recite a few verses of Quran and see your reaction to it”. Just as I started reciting the first few verses, I heard a loud “thud” sound. I looked up to see what happened. Suprisingly, the woman had fallen off the chair and was lying on the floor.

My wife and I were shocked. We quickly rushed to her to help her up. It also become quickly apparent to me that this woman was indeed afflicted by shir/jinn.

I asked, “Who are you, and what are you doing in this woman’s body?” The jinn spoke through the woman’s voice saying, “I am her husband.” I said, “That can’t be. She is not married, so how can you be her husband.” I proceeded to ask, “How long have you been in her body.” The jinn replied, “since she was a baby.”

When the woman came back to consciousness, I told her what had happened and what the jinn has told me. I also informed her that it is confirmed that she has a sihr/jinn affliction and recommended her to do the full HijamaHerbs Shir/Jinn treatment.  

When detected and established that the reason for your recurring setbacks is due to a sihr/jinn affliction, then the remedy to stop it is to do a full sihr/jinn treatment. This includes Quranic recitation (rukyah), full-body hijama that locates the jinn path in the body and clears the bloodstream. And to perform a series of spiritual practices at home that we recommend. The full treatment is provided in the HijamaHerbs Sihr/Jinn sessions.

You may feel your life is blocked in different ways. It can show up in your relationships, family, job, career, business, financial, emotional or health. For some strange reason you can’t seem to get a suitable job or can’t keep a job, or you can’t seem to get married though you are attractive and smart, or if you are married you can’t seem to have children even though both husband and wife are healthy, or you can’t seem to concentrate on your studies, or businesses you start always seem to end up in failures, or you may be making good money in your business but the money you earn always seem to disappear.

These blockages keep occurring again and again in that area of your life. For instance, if you are in business, you start a business enthusiastically and hoping for good profits but it ends in failure whereby you lost a lot of money. Then when you try another business, with full of hope but again this new business fails again. This happens again and again until you are sure that whatever business you start, it is going to end up as a failure.

Or if you are wanting to get married, good people show up in your life wanting to get marry you but after some time they lose interest in you and go away. This happens again and again, that you begin to think that when new people show up in your life, you feel sure it is not going to work out.

These bad occurrences are not rational or sensible. These failures happen inspite of your good efforts or sensible actions. They occur repeatedly such that it becomes predictable to you, whereby you believe, “What’s the point, it going to end up as a failure anyway.”

It seems like an invisible dark force that is stopping you from moving forward in your life. That invisible dark force that is stopping you from moving forward is Sihr/Jinn.

An important component of the Sihr/Jinn treatment is the full body hijama. The jinn causing the disturbances travels in the body through the bloodstream. By cleaning out the dirty blood throughout the body removes the dwelling place of the jinn making it to weaken tremendously or leave the body. Sometimes it may take a few sessions to be completely cured of the sihr/jinn ailment so the person must be sincere and patient in undergoing the treatment till full recovery is achieved.

Allah says in the Quran, “from the evil of those who blow on the knots” (surah Al-Falaq, verse 4).

Someone got jealous of you and had evil intentions to hurt you or make your life miserable. They go to a sorcerer and tell them, “I don’t like to see that person doing well in their life, do something to pull them back and not progress. The sorcerers then make knots on a string and cast their spells that hits your life. These spells get attached to areas of your life whereby you can’t seem to get married, or can’t have children, or can’t get a job, or can’t keep a job, or can’t run a business successfully, or can’t study well in school or college.

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