The 5 Energetic Blueprints – Which One Are You? (Part 1)

Last week, I introduced the 5 energetic blueprints. Its important to know which one are you so you can be who you were meant to be, and not try to be someone you are not. The 5 energetic blueprints are Mystic, Empath, , Leader, Caretaker, and Structural. Knowing which one is your energetic blueprint will help you chose the right lifestyle for you. It also helps in choosing the career that is right for you.

It also plays a huge role in your health. Living according to your energetic blueprint will promote good health in you, and living against it may have drastic results on your health. For instance, if your energetic blueprint is that of a Mystic, know that your energy comes in spurts. Sometimes you can work on and on for a long stretch, yet sometimes you will not have the energy do to any productive work. You will not be suited for a 9-5 job where you are expected to do productive work every day. This will only burn you out and you will become irritable and miserable. On the other hand, if you are Structural, you are endowed with full tank of energy every morning and you can do productive work till night everyday. As such, a 9-5 job can work well for you.

In this post, lets explore the first 2 energetic blueprints – the one of the Mystic and Empath. Next week, I shall continue with the other 3 energetic blueprints.



Trying to figure out which energetic blueprint do you fall in? Read this article to explore the first 2 energetic blueprints – the one of the Mystic and the Empath. Generally speaking, the Mystic are highly creative people with lots of ideas running through their head. Most inventors, writers, poets and artists have this energetic blueprint. The Empath are people who are highly sensitive and emotional. They feel other people’s pain and anxiety. Most healers, nurses, schoolteachers, stay-at-home mum or dad who feel deeply for their children have this energetic blueprint.

1. Mystic Energetic Blueprint
If you are a Mystic, you are imaginative, highly creative and have a flow of great ideas. You are interested in the metaphysics, science and enjoy tinkering with ideas and concepts. You prefer to be in thoughts more than interacting with people. Most inventors, writers, poets, artists have this energetic blueprint.

Some of the famous people with the Mystic energetic blueprint are Thomas Edison, Carl Jung, Albert Einstein, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Galileo, Ekhart Tolie, Stephen Hawkins, Bruce Lipton, and Issac Asimov.

As a Mystic, your energy comes in spurts. Sometimes you can work on and on for a long stretch of time, seemingly unaware of time passing by. And yet sometimes, you’ll find yourself without the energy to do anything. Instead of pushing yourself to work when you don’t feel like it, it is better to take the time to reflect, ponder and meditate.

Albert Einstein is one of the persons who had the energetic blueprint of a Mystic. They are visionaries with breakthrough ideas. They are highly imaginative, and they enjoy tinkering with ideas and concepts. On the shadow side, they can get into overthinking – thinking and rethinking about the same subject that only stresses them out and can’t take the necessary action. They are prone to can suffer from fear and anxiety.

You will need to give yourself plenty of time to unwind and relax. These are not unproductive times. These are times when your body and mind need to process info, incubate ideas and recharge your batteries. After the recharge, you will find yourself more energized to take on your tasks at hand.

Because your energy comes in spurts, you will not be suited for a 9-5 job where you are expected to do productive work every day. This will only burn you out and you will become irritable and miserable.

Healthwise, Mystics are prone to emotions of fear and anxiety. They easily get worried and stressed out about things that the other people would not worry about.

You have a fear of violence, avoids confrontation and disagreements. When faced with an aggressive person, you will mentally check out and not stand up for yourself and freeze in fear.

You have great ideas but are afraid that if you bring your ideas into reality, you may be attacked or put down by established authorities of the day. So you retreat and self-isolate in your inner mental world.

You lack people skills, enjoy working behind the scenes. You are more married to your ideas or work and your spouse may complain that you are not available for them much of the time.

You have slipped into your shadow side when you are thinking too much, living in the head. Constantly thinking and rethinking that you get into a state of paralysis. Seen by other people as “spacey” or “unfocussed”.

2. Empath Energetic Blueprint
As a person with the Empath energetic blueprint, you are highly sensitive and emotional. You bring love and harmony in all situations. Others see you as a warm flowing energy, gentle and receptive. You are sensitive to people and your surroundings.

Some of the famous people with the Mystic energetic blueprint are Mother Theresa, Princess Diana and Tom Hanks. It is believed that Mariam (may Allah be pleased with her) and Prophet Isa (Jesus) had this energetic blueprint.

If you have this energetic blueprint, you excel in work that helps others feel safe and understood. Service businesses, non-profit social organization are good workplaces for you. Healers, nurse, schoolteacher, stay at home mother or father who offers loving care to his children are ideal for you. You are especially good with one-to-one or small groups of people who are receptive to your loving energy.

Mother Theresa had the energetic blueprint of the Empath. These are people who are highly sensitive and who can feel the pain of other people. They bring love and harmony to people and to their surroundings. On the shadow side, they give too much and don’t get back from people enough. This can lead to bitter feelings within themselves.

In career choice, you are not particularly motivated by money and materialistic gains. You feel that people should give from their heart.

Healthwise, you have an overly sensitive digestive system. Chronic pain condition such as fibromlygia often occur in your attempt to block your feeilngs because others have abandoned or yelled at you or not treated you gently.

You have a strong longing for deep, loving connection with your spouse and people close to you. But many times, feel that your spouse and partners can’t satisfy your deep need for love and emotions, can’t deal with your level of emotion.

You love music though you are more interested in the lyrics and the deep emotions expressed in them.

You rarely express your anger, and hide in the face of aggression or criticism.

On your shadow side, you dwell in self-pity. Rather than meeting your own responsibilities, you become clinging on others, and blame others. You have a strong fear of abandonment, and feel anxious when left alone.

You see the world through the wounded feelings of the past. You blame others for being insensitive to you, and not knowing how to love and support you. You think that supporting others who are in need would fulfill you when they give back to you. However, you give more than you get, which leads you to exhaustion.

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