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The Prophet (saws) is reported to have said, “The evil eye is real, and if anything were to overtake the divine decree, it would be the evil eye.” [Muslim]. In another narration, the Prophet (saws) said, “Most of those who die among my ummah die because of the will and decree of Allah, and then because of the evil eye.”

Some of the symptoms of evil eye affliction are tiredness, drowsiness, drooping eyelids, lack of concentration, restlessness, discomfort, cramps, convulsions, headaches, hiccoughs, clumsiness, stomachaches, dry coughs, diarrhea, itching, hair loss, dry skin, vomiting, problems with the blood and eyesight, face color face becoming darker or duller, difficulty sleeping at night but sleepy in daytime, sweat from front head, hand, feet and back, feelings of anxiety, fed up, bored, lazy, hopeless careless and suicidal, visiting toilet a lot, impairment of sexual activity, impotence, sterility, disorders in menstruation, problems in pregnancy and childbirth.

Evil eye is cast on another person due to one thing – Jealousy. When a person is inherently negative of another person’s gain, even though they may show happiness when meeting them, but deep inside they resent the other person’s good looks, health or good fortune. This evil intent can come out of the eye of the jealous person and hit the other person. Many stories have been told where the other person’s health went downhill, their car or property got destroyed, and even the success they were eagerly awaiting turned and went away.

It is not necessary for the jealous person to have the victim right in front of them. The evil-eye can be transmitted just by visualizing or imagining the victim. Even a blind person can send out an evil eye just by visualizing the target person. A mother could even unintentionally send out an evil eye on her child.

When the evil-eye is sent out, sometimes it hits the other person, and sometimes it misses the other person. If the targeted person is exposed and unprotected, it will damage him. But if the targeted person is protected, the arrow will have no effect and may even come back to hit the person who launched it.

We have to protect ourselves against the shaitan, evil jinn and mankind, by having strong faith in Allah. We need to put our trust in Allah and seek refuge with Him, and reciting the doas’ for protection as mentioned by the Prophet (saws).

How To Protect Ourselves From Evil Eye
In the time of jahilliyah (pre-Islamic days of ignorance), when the pagans amongst the Arabs feared the effects of an evil-eye, they would perform many a rite and ritual to ward off its evil. This included wearing amulet, tying their beard, wearing a string around their neck, or wipe themselves with animal dung.

The Prophet (saws) totally forbade the believers to perform such useless and unlawful acts to ward of the evil. Instead, the Prophet (saws) used to pray to Allah seeking protection against the jinn and evil eye. Then when the surah Al-Falaq (113) and surah An-Nas (114) was revealed, he stuck with the recitation of these surahs.

Thus all one needs to do when one fears the influence of the ‘evil eye’ is to seek the protection and refuge in Allah by being constant in the recitation of surah al-Falaq and surah An-Nas.

In addition, the affected person can also recite surah Al-Fatihah (first surah) Ayatul-Kursi (verse 255 of Surah Baqarah). He should hold his hands up together and then blow into his palms and wipe them all over his body.

When you have a good wife and children, you should guard them by seeking protection from Allah for them. You should also dress them properly and not expose their bodies or beauty, so as not to be envied or affected by the evil eye. 

The sick person may also recite those verses over olive oil and apply it on the area affected with evil eye. He may also recite the above verses over water and wash himself with it. He can also drink from that water.

In order to safeguard ourselves from evil eye, we are recommended to do the following.

If a person has a beautiful wife, husband or children, he should guard them by seeking protection from Allah for them, teaching and commanding them to do the same. He should also dress them properly and not expose their bodies or beauty, so as not to be envied or affected by the evil eye.

The Prophet (saws) used to seek protection for Hassan and Hussein by saying, “I seek refuge for both of you in the perfect words of Allah and from every satan, vermin, and from every evil eye.”

If a person has wealth, he should guard it by asking Allah to bless and protect it and be thankful to Allah.

If a person has good news and he knows people will envy him because of it, he should guard it by keeping it secret.

The Prophet (saws) has also advised us to say ‘MashaAllah’, in order to prevent us from sending out an evil eye. Therefore, one should say ‘MashaAllah’ when praising or looking at anyone or anything with excitement.

Some examples:
“Wow, you have a cute baby, Masha-Allah”.
“I’m so happy for you, you have finally bought a nice house, Masha-Allah.”
“Mabruk, what a lovely bride for you son, Masha-Allah.”

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