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Taking Cortisone Injections for Your Joint Pain? There’s A Better Way

Joint pain, particularly knee pain and hip pain, has become a prevalent complaint, with many Muslims suffering from arthritis today. At salat times at the masjid, I always see a number of people who sit on chairs and are unable to make their sajdah in the natural way.

A common treatment by the medical industry for people with severe joint pain is to give them cortisone injections. This had become the standard joint pain solution that doctors usually perform for their patients with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. However, recent studies indicate that this method of treatment could trigger the need for joint replacements. Boston University School of Medicine conducted a study that found that cortisone injections speed up joint disintegration and can result in progressive osteoarthritis, stress fractures or complete collapse of joints.

Giving cortisone injections to patients with joint pain has become a standard procedure for the medical industry. But this treatment is not always safe. Recent studies show that taking cortisone injections can trigger the need for joint replacements. But take the risk and suffer? Try our NEW HolisticHijama treatment for joint pain that can take pain away naturally and effectively without the terrible side effects of medical drugs and surgery.

Known Side Effects of Cortisone Injections

Potential side effects of cortisone shots increase with larger doses and repeated use. Side effects can include:

* Cartilage damage

* Death of nearby bone

* Joint infection

* Nerve damage

* Temporary facial flushing

* Temporary flare of pain and inflammation in the joint

* Temporary increase in blood sugar

* Tendon weakening or rupture

* Thinning of nearby bone (osteoporosis)

* Thinning of skin and soft tissue around the injection site

* Whitening or lightening of the skin around the injection site

HolisticHijama is a more effective treatment for pain in lower back, shoulders and knees. This safe and beneficial treatment is available from Shahclan HolisticHealth (our new name). Shahclan HolisticHealth incorporates many natural healing methodologies to serve our clients better.

Questions? Contact Amin Shah at 617-787-5151 or email – We are based in Boston, MA – USA.

Why All the Pain May Not Go After One Session?

Sometimes, I find that for some of our clients, all the pain may not go after one session of HijamaHerbs. Case in point: A man came to me for lower back and sciatic nerve pain. In the health assessment, I found blockages throughout the lower back, both legs and also the upper back shoulders. He chose the Lower Back/Legs treatment, and so I performed the HijamaHerbs protocol for those regions.

After a couple of weeks, when I asked him about the condition of his lower back and legs, he said the pain has reduced but there is still some pain remaining in the toes. I invited him for a FREE adjustment session. There are several reasons why the pain may not go after one session of HijamaHerbs.

Though the pain intensity will be much reduced after the first session of HijamaHerbs, sometimes all the pain may not leave. There may be some pain remaining in the tissues. This can happen for a number of reasons. One, there may be more blockages in the body part that needs to be cleared. Second, new blockages may have come on. This can happen to habitually sitting in the wrong posture – for those with sitting jobs for long hours. Thirdly, there may be emotional blockages in the tissues that cause the tissues to redevelop physical blockages. HijamaHerbs is now offering a FREE adjustment session after 2 weeks if you are still feeling pain. It is also a good idea to have HijamaHerbs sessions scheduled regularly once every 3 months to clear out any blockages that can arise and cause pain in the body.
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Find the Reason Behind Your Ailment

Most people have no clue why they have their ailment such as diabetes, arthritis, heart attacks, cancer, etc. Even when you ask the doctor, they will only give you shallow answers like, “its all in your genes” or “you ate too much sugar” or “you didn’t exercise enough.”

Actually, your ailments showed up on you for a specific reason and they carry an important lesson for you. These reasons are mostly not physical but come from the mental/emotional side. For instance, if you have diabetes, the reason behind your ailment is a deep subconscious feeling of “life has lost its sweetness for me.” If you have a weak heart that led to a heart attack, it indicates that you carry a deep sense of “not feeling loved” and/or “feeling of overwhelm”. Its important to find the reason behind of your ailment so you can correct the problem on the mental/emotional level before it manifests itself on the physical level.

On the physical level, having a heart attack is due to having plaques on your arteries. But before that happens, there are things happening in your mental/emotional side long before it shows up on the physical side. When you carry a deep sense of not feeling loved and/or being overwhelmed with things to do, this leads to heart blockages resulting in heart attacks. When you know why you have a certain ailment, you can take steps to correct the situation on the mental/emotional level before it comes down to the physical level. HijamaHerbs practitioners can help you determine the reason behind your ailment, so get clarity of your condition and how to cure it.
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Thermography Imaging at HijamaHerbs for Finding Blockages

To better serve our clients, the HijamaHerbs office is now equipped with a thermal imaging device. Thermography is an FDA approved imaging procedure. It’s a non-invasive, non-contact screening procedure, there’s no radiation, it’s painless and completely safe.

Thermography camera detect infrared spectrum of light and heat that is emitted from the body. It can detect ailments such as breast disease (cancer), arthritis, neuropathy, heart disease, diabetes, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disease, thyroid issues, or other chronic health concerns that may be present.

Thermal imaging device is a high-tech health screening tool (a high-definition infrared camera) that creates a digital map of your body and temperature patterns – these patterns may show abnormalities that can be indicative of inflammation (or abnormal heat spots on the body). It allows us to “see” blockages such as pain, arterial inflammation, artery and stroke screening, fibromyalgia, digestive disorders, dental problems, TMJ, inflammatory pain, lympathic issues, and more.
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Resolving Mental Illness Ailments

Quite recently a man brought his teenage daughter to see us. He explained to us that his daughter’s actions and behavior has become so erratic that he has to keep her by his side most of the time for fear that  she may “snap” anytime and do crazy things. It seems in school one day, she suddenly began spitting uncontrollably at her classmates who were sitting next to her. Another day, while at home she suddenly ran out into the streets in the evening and caused havoc to the people. The police got her and they had to call the father who was at work to tell him to come get his daughter. At first, the father thought his daughter has been possessed by Jinn. He finally brought her to see the doctor, who referred the case to a psychiatrist who diagnosed her condition as a form of mental illness.

El-Zein, who has battled severe depression most of her youth says, “Mental ill is like physical illness, like cancer, diabetes or cholesterol. There are chemical imbalances that need to rebalance. It is unfair to say to someone who is suffering that they lack iman (faith), because iman may be the only thing keeping them alive.” Conventional medical industry gives drugs to patients of mental illness which they have to take for the rest of their life. These drugs do not cure the condition. Even after taking the medication for years, if the person forget to take them for a couple of days, the symptoms came back to the person. In addition, they have strong and undesirable side effects. At HijamaHerbs, we provide emotional counseling for people with mental illness, and give them the EhsanEnergetics line of remedies which work on balancing the mental/emotional aspects of the person.
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GOUT Can Be Resolved with Natural Remedies

Recently a teacher from a local Islamic school near Boston brought her father-in-law to see us as the man was suffering from gout in the foot. The man’s foot was swollen and there was visible fluid build-up there. He was feeling much pain in the big toe which made it difficult for him to walk normally.

Gout is a condition that causes pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints.  It is caused by excess uric acid in the bloodstream. It usually affects the joint in the big toe. Gout attacks often occur without warning in the middle of the night.

If you have gout, you’ll probably feel swelling and pain in the joints of your foot, particularly your big toe. Sudden and intense pain, or gout attacks, can make it feel like your foot is on fire. Gout frequently affects the large joint of the big toe, but can also affect the forefoot, ankles, knees, elbows, wrists, and fingers. The regular medication given by the medical industry is nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and corticosteroids, which bring with it terrible side effects. Fortunately, natural remedies in the form of a series of HijamaHerbs sessions and taking MalaysianMushrooms supplements can help resolve this
health issue safely and effectively.
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Chronic Knee Pain? There Are Natural Remedies for It

A man came to see us for his knee pain which he had for several months now. He said the doctors want to give him an injection of corticosteroids. And if that didn’t work, they want to do a knee surgery which can be a partial knee replacement surgery. The man didn’t like the idea of having an injection of medical drugs, as he was wary of the side effects. And he definitely didn’t want to go for surgery, let alone having his real knees replaced with plastic and metal.

He asked if there are any natural alternatives for his knee. After checking for blockages on his knees, I found the path of pain shooting upwards from his knees to his thighs and downwards to his calves. I recommended him a series of HijamaHerbs sessions and MalaysianMushroom supplements.

Chronic knee pain can come from wear and tear of the joints over time.  Arthritis, gout and obesity can also contribute to pain the knee pain. When you have knee pain, corticosteroid injection and knee replacement surgery are not your only options. There are natural remedies available for knee pain. Explore the possibilities of HijamaHerbs sessions and MalaysianMushroom supplements.
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Effect of Hijama on Stroke Patients

Wet cupping (Hijama) has been shown to have useful effects on the cardiac rhythm in terms of heart rate variability (HRV). Put it in layman’s words, Hijama is beneficial to stroke victims. The first study was first done on animals, and the second study was done on human stroke patients

Here’s the results of the first study. “A recent animal study investigated the effects of wet cupping on hemodynamic variables, cardiac arrhythmias, and infarct size after myocardial ischemic reperfusion injury in male rats. Its results show that cupping did not change baseline heart rate or mean arterial blood pressure. Ischemic reperfusion injury caused an infarct size of 50%, whereas repeated wet cupping significantly reduced infarct size to 28%, 35%, and 22% of the area at risk, respectively. The rate of ischemia-induced arrhythmias was significantly modified by wet cupping.

The second study done on humans. “It showed how the administration of cupping caused noticeable improvement in the heart rhythm of humans who’d suffered strokes. In this study, cupping therapy restored sympathovagal imbalances by stimulating the peripheral nervous system. Results showed all HRV parameters increased after cupping therapy compared with before cupping therapy in healthy persons, which indicates for the first time in humans that cupping might be cardioprotective.”

Outward signs of a person with stroke is drooping mouth, talk is incoherent and one arm becomes weak or numb. If you see anyone with these signs, call 911 right away for the ambulance to take them to the hospital. At this time, you need the medical doctors. Don’t wait for a natural healer, herbalist or Hijama practitioner. Emergency cases like these need medical attention and the medical doctors are the right people to handle  acute ailments like these. After the medical treatment, then you can try natural healing later on. A HijamaHerbs practitioner may be able help improve your condition, insha-Allah.
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Energetic Remedy for Children’s Temper Tantrums

Young children can throw a temper tantrums when they don’t get their way. In these angry or frustrated outbursts, children may yell, cry, hold their breath, or even hit. Tantrums happen for a reason—a child wants something and is overwhelmed by emotions. ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) for example, can make it hard for children to calm down, so their emotions boil over into tantrums or anger.

It’s not easy for some kids to explain their feelings or experiences. It’s doubly hard when they’re worked up. When a child struggles with communication, tantrums are a common result. Some kids get stressed and worried about certain activities. If kids are afraid of a particular situation or thing, they may throw a tantrum to avoid it. Some children are very sensitive to their environment. Bright lights, loud noises, and crowds can agitate them. When they get overstimulated, they may lash out in a tantrum. 

Temper tantrums of children can range from crying, hitting, kicking, stomping, throwing things, and breath holding. Some children are more prone to tantrums, particularly kids who are intense, hyperactive, or moody, or kids who don’t adapt well to new environments. Dealing with frequent severe tantrums is draining and stressful for parents and the rest of family. Medicating children with drugs such as Ritalin or Adderall medical drugs can have bad side reactions. Fortunately, there are natural remedies that can help such as EhsanEnergetics for Calming Children.
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