HijamaHerbs Treatments 

When you come in and describe your condition, we will perform a health evaluation and then tell you the recommended treatment plan for you. However, you can pick your choice of treatment that best suit your budget and needs. Payment can be made by Cash or Credit Card. No haggling on price allowed.

Energy and blood run through the body through the pathways. When there is blockage in a body part eg. shoulders or knees, dirty blood stagnates resulting in pain. Hijama pulls out the dirty blood, and releases the pain.
1) HijamaHerbs Basic
For people who are basically healthy and doing hijama as a preventive measure. Using 6 cups, hijama is performed on your mid-back. You receive a packet of herbs. Duration – one hour. $120

2) HijamaHerbs Shoulder
For people suffering from frozen shoulders, rotator cuff tear, tendon pain and more. Hijama is performed on your mid-back and upper shoulders. You receive 2 packets of herbs to improve circulation. Duration – 2 hours. $240

3) HijamaHerbs Chest
For people suffering from weak heart. Hijama is performed on the chest area. You receive 2 packets of herbs to improve circulation. Duration – 2 hours. $240

4) HijamaHerbs Arms
For people suffering from tennis elbow, carpal tunnel and arm pain that limits full movement of the arms. Hijama is performed on your mid-back and along both arms. You receive 2 packets of herbs. Duration – 2 hours. $240

5) HijamaHerbs Knees
For people suffering from pain in the knees, including swelling, limited mobility, feeling of pop or giving away. Hijama is performed on your mid-back and on both knees. 2 packets of herbs. Duration – 2 hours. $240

6) HijamaHerbs Head
For people suffering from tension headaches, migraines, weak memory, brain fog, poor concentration, sinus, eye pain issues and more. Hijama is performed on your mid-back, top spot on the head, back of neck and forehead. You receive 2 packets of herbs to calm your brain. Duration – 2½ hours. $300

7) HijamaHerbs Stomach
For people suffering from stomach cramps and digestive issues such as heartburn, acid reflex, ulcers, chronic constipation, diarrhea, and more. Hijama is performed on your mid-back and stomach points. You receive 2 packets of herbs. Duration – 2½ hours. $300

8) HijamaHerbs Lower Back  
For people suffering from lower-back pain which may be due to herniated or ruptureddisc, back muscle strain or degeneration of lower spinal. Hijama is performed on your mid-back and lower back. You receive 2 packets of herbs. Duration – 2½ hours. $360

9) HijamaHerbs Chest/Arms
For people suffering from pain in the heart area, and the pain is radiating to the arms. Hijama is performed on the mid-back, heart area and both arms. You receive 2 packets of herbs to strengthen heart function and relieve blockages in the arms. Duration – 3 hours. $440

10) HijamaHerbs Lower Back/Leg
For people suffering from lower back pain with the pain shooting down to the hip and legs (sciatica). Hijama is performed on the mid back, lower back and both legs, front and back. You also receive 3 packets of herbs. Duration 4 hours. $660

11) HijamaHerbs Full-Body
For people suffering from pain throughout the body with ailments such as fibromyalgia, arthritis pain, blood sugar imbalances, blood pressure, lyme disease, lupus and cancer. Hijama is performed on the entire body, section by section, starting from the back, then the head, lower back, legs, chest, arms, stomach and front side of the leg. An important component of treatment for Sihr/Jinn affliction. Recommended to be done once a year for people with any kind of serious ailments. You also receive 3 packets of herbs for your particular ailment. 6 hours. $1,500

12) HijamaHerbs Sihr/Jinn
Ailments resulting from Sihr and Jinn are real and have been confirmed by Allah in the Quran and by Rasullullah (saw). These ailments can have serious consequences on the afflicted person and can disrupt their lives and negatively affect their health, work and family. The black magic spells may have been put on your food, drink, clothing or even where you walk on. Once it enters the body, it normally lodges in the lower abdomen and you may be feel a tightness there. Jinn is summoned to carry out the instructions of sorcerer who put the black magic. Some of the symptoms of a person afflicted by Sihr or Jinn include body feeling heavy and lazy most of the time, internal body feeling itchy, difficulty sleeping at night, dreams of seeing snakes and poisonous animals, dreams of falling from high places, pain in certain parts of body like arm and legs, feeling like something crawling under the skin, husband and wife arguing over trivial matters, lazy in making salat and ibadat, senile in old age, getting very angry quickly, change of emotions very quickly, feeing restless and uneasy when listening to Quran, yawning frequently when listening to Quran, inability to have intimate relations with husband or wife, long menstrual period of women, frequent nightmares, hearing voices, etc. To break the effects of Sihr or Jinn, we perform Hijama on specific points in the body. We also do rubbing of Quran recited olive oil on the patient’s body parts of the body. The patient is also given Quran recited water to drink, bath and spray in their home. We also provide 3 packets of herbs includin7 senna herbs to flush out the Sihir elements in the body. Also provided is a CD of Rukyah Quranic recitation to be played at home every night consistently for 21 days. Duration 8 hours. $1,750
• Rukyah Only – to ascertain if you have a Sihr/Jinn ailment or not. Duration 1 hour. $100
• Rukyah and Quran water – provided with 3 containers of Quran waters for drinking, bathing and spraying around the house. Also provided are herbs and flower essence. Duration 2 hours. $250

13) HijamaHerbs Emotional Healing
Pain and ailments actually start from the emotional/energetic level. When it is not resolved at the emotional level, then it comes down to the physical level and cause pain and ailments or diseases. Emotional trauma that is not expressed outwardly goes inwards and gets lodged in the tissues of the body causing weakness and pain. Our emotional healing session helps to identify the blocked emotions and release them, thereby restoring the body to its natural state of wellness. Emotional healing can be combined with any of the other HijamaHerbs sessions. $120 per hour

14) Counseling for Married Couples
Married couple can face many problems in their marriage stemming from misunderstanding, lack of communication,  lack of trust, incompatibility and promptings of shaitan. Amin Shah has been married to his wife for 25 yrs and has experienced the ups and downs of married life. He has healing experience, and he has the intuitive ability to cut through the chase and get to the heart of the troubling issue and offer practical solutions. $120 per hour

15) Counseling for Career/Business
Youth wondering which career or business path that is right for them. Don’t just go into any career, because you would be spending most of your life in it. If you choose the wrong career that is not fully aligned with your internal passion, your work life can become miserable and unsatisfying. We can help you figure out your energetic profile and natural talents to pick your suitable career or business path that you would derive maximum benefit—financially and emotionally.
$120 per hour

16) Blood Purification for Chronic Ailments
Blood is fundamental to your health. Blood can turn dirty due to lifestyle (food, exercise), stress, internal organ weakness, mental patterns, emotional, or social issues. The key to good health is to purify your blood and keep it running clean. If you are suffering from any kind of long term chronic ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, thyroid, hashimoto, cancer, overweight, pregnancy issues, etc, our Blood Purification Program can be of tremendous help to you.

This is a 12-month comprehensive health program with once-a-month session with us. We will also monitor your progress to ensure improvements are seen until recovery is achieved. We work to heal ailments ranging from physical, mental/emotional and sihr/jinn afflictions.

Treatment includes hijama, herbs, bodywork, emotional healing, rukyah, homeopathic remedies and nutritional. $6,000 upfront (savings of $340) OR $1,500 plus 11 monthly payments of $440.

Have A Baffling Health Condition?
Have an ailment that is strange, weird or incurable? Can’t find relief with other practitioners? Don’t despair. We believe in the words of the Prophet who said, “There is no disease that Allah created, but that He also created its cure.” Talk to us about your condition. We will listen patiently and figure out a treatment plan can that bring about relief to you. We work on the whole spectrum of ailments encompassing the physical, emotional/psychological and sihr/jinn conditions.